House Rules

Our House Rules are in place to keep our guests, our neighbours and our home safe.

Please note that by booking your stay, you are agreeing to all House Rules currently in effect.

1. No Parties or Events

Our private cottage is intended for family enjoyment. Parties, events or loud noises are not allowed in consideration for the neighbours.

As per municipal bylaw, quiet time is 10:00PM.

Maximum occupancy is 12 people. As per AirBnB and municipal policies, ALL occupants must be declared to the host for safety reasons. Failure to comply to the above will result in immediate termination of the reservation. No refunds will be issued.

If a complaint is received regarding occupancy, noise or disturbance, this will result in immediate termination of the reservation. No refunds will be issued.

2. No Pets

The property is not suitable for pets. A minimum $250 fee will be charged if a pet is brought into the home.

Please note: Some of our frequent visitors have pets at home, so this home would not be a good fit for people with severe allergies.

3. No Smoking/Vaping

Smoking/vaping is not permitted inside the home, or within 10 feet of any entrance. A minimum $250 fee will be charged if this rule is not followed or if cigarette butts need to be cleaned up from the property.

4. Septic System

The cottage is on a septic system. Do not flush ANYTHING other than toilet paper down the toilets. Flushable wipes, personal hygiene products and other items will cause damage to the septic system. Failure to comply with the above will result in a minimum $250 fee.

5. Well Water

The cottage is supplied with water from a well, which is shared with the neighbour. Please be mindful of water use. If emergency water delivery is required, this may result in a minimum $250 fee.

Please note: The water has been tested and is safe to drink. Because of the iron content, there is a water dispenser provided for drinking water if you prefer.

6. Condition of House

Inventory and damage inspections are completed following every departure. If any items are broken or missing during the course of your stay please inform us right away.

Upon departure, please follow the basic checkout instructions provided to make sure the cottage is secure and ready to be prepared for the next guests. Additional cleaning, repairs or replacement of items may result in a minimum $250 fee.

General Information

  • The cottage is approximately 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store. We recommend you arrive with some grocery items to avoid an additional trip out for necessities. Some stores offer Click & Collect service that can be picked up during your selected time slot on your way in. For more details see the Local Stores & Services page.
  • For safety reasons, lifejacket use is required when on or near the lake, and on the dock, especially for children. Lifejackets are not provided, so please remember to bring your own.
  • As this is a rural location, internet connection and speed are not guaranteed. There is wifi in the home, however speeds and reliability will vary. As such, we are not responsible for wifi or any other third party interruptions which are beyond our control. Additionally, abusing this service by downloading or streaming illegal content will result in immediate eviction with no refund.
  • Please note that in a rural location, insects and wildlife may be present. Please be aware of your surroundings to keep yourself safe and respect the wildlife. Insect repellant is recommended for outdoor activities. A pest control management system is in place, however it is possible that an insect may find their way inside the home.
  • Security cameras are on site for security reasons, and to ensure maximum capacity is not exceeded. This is an insurance policy requirement. There is one camera facing the driveway and garage, one inside the garage (owner storage), one at the back door and one doorbell camera at the front entrance. Cameras record 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, regardless if home is occupied or not. Tampering with or obstructing the cameras will result in immediate eviction with no refund.
  • Parking for up to 4 vehicles is permitted. Parking RVs, motorhomes or other large vehicles on the property is not permitted by local bylaws.
  • Protect your trip. Now more than ever plans can change quickly and affect your stay. While our cancellation policy is strict to ensure we provide the best service to all guests who stay with us, a third party insurance policy can help support you during unexpected changes. Some providers include Manulife CoverMe, AMA Travel, your financial institution, and more. Please note failure to secure travel insurance will not result in any exceptions to our cancellation policy.
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